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National Fitness Campaign provides unique support to maximize success and impact with The Fitness Court® program in their community.

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A Comprehensive Community Wellness Program

We're here to walk you through the process, every step of the way

Our team of experts provide members support in gaining community consensus, gathering funding, site selection, masterplanning, installation, press and media, ambassador training, a mobile app, and much more. Joining the Campaign is a lifelong membership to a Fitness Court® network of healthy communities across the country. After 40 years and hundreds of healthy communities and schools served, we are committed to excellence.

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Design & Planning for Healthy Communities

We are working with smart cities, counties, towns and schools of the future to help build and plan

In order to build out a network of Healthy Infrastructure, it's imperative to look at communities on a larger scale. Our experts conduct studies to identify a phased plan to build a Fitness Court® as a healthy hub within integrated parks, trails and community spaces that provide optimal access by walk or bike.

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Building Funding Support, Grants Available

Grants Available for Eligible Communities, Support Provided to Build Additional Funding

Eligible communities are encouraged to apply to our grant program. In addition to grants available through the Campaign, our team can support municipalities and campuses in identifying additional funding sources.

National Gallery of Public Art

Each Fitness Court® is a Unique Piece of Public Art

The benefits of exercising while enjoying beautiful artwork are endless. The power of art opens fresh and exciting elements in a growing kinetic outdoor gallery to push deeper into motiving millions to join a new outdoor wellness culture.

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Digitally Activated, Coach in Your Pocket

Best in Class Content and Movement Library

Have fun and get the most out of your Fitness Court® workout with the free Fitness Court® App. Unlock access to the world’s largest free outdoor gym network and expert training wherever you go.

National Network of Fitness Court® Ambassadors

Fitness Court® Ambassadors are community leaders who are positive and informed resources for healthy living. They are a part of a national network of like-minded people that love The Fitness Court® and want to share their enthusiasm around health and wellness to help others discover it themselves.

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Expert Installation Support

National Network of Campaign Approved Installers

The Campaign has installed hundreds of Fitness Courts® across the country. We work with a Network of Campaign Approved Installers who provide turn-key service.

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Press and Media Support

Expert support with Press and Media Strategy

Celebrate health in your community and share your story with local, regional and statewide outlets with our personalized toolkits for the launch of your local campaign and ribbon cutting event.

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Bring a Fitness Court® to Your Community

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