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Funding Outdoor Fitness Courts® across the state

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In partnership with municipalities, schools, and sponsors, over $100 million in public-private investment has been raised to combat obesity and the burdens of sedentary lifestyles. The Campaign provides expertise in building funding, masterplanning, and community building. NFC's mission is to build healthy communities with the goal of bringing a Fitness Court® within a 10-minute bike ride of every American.

The Growing Fitness Court® Network in Illinois

Making World Class Fitness Free for Illinoians

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and NFC Campaign in Illinois is delivering outdoor wellness infrastructure to help communities stay active across the state, in an effort to change health outcomes. Out of Illinois' 102 counties, there are open Fitness Courts® across 12.


  • Springfield
  • Riverdale
  • Belleville
  • New Lenox
  • Gilberts
  • Mount Vernon
  • Manteno
  • Keeneyville
  • Dolton Park
  • Oak Lawn
  • Ela Township
  • Fox Valley
  • Ottawa
  • Maywood
  • Belvidere
  • and more!

State Affiliate Partner

In collaboration with NFC, the Illinois Park and Recreation Association has championed the available grant opportunities to their members across Illinois. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and NFC are grateful for their support as we build a healthier Illinois.

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Bring a Fitness Court® to Your Community

NFC is calling on Mayors, Civic and Education leaders, and Community Champions to join the urgent fight against sedentary lifestyles and preventable diseases. We can make a difference if we work together to increase outdoor movement and provide wellness activities that are equitable, accessible and free! Let’s build a free outdoor Fitness Court® within a 10-minute bike ride of every Illinoian, together.

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