Bring the Fitness Court® Initiative to your Campus and ignite outdoor wellness for students, faculty and staff

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Meet the Campus Leaders

Innovative Universities nationwide have joined the Campaign, bringing the gym outdoors for students, faculty and staff. Learn more about what the Fitness Court® and Campaign Services bring to the education community below.


Florida State University
Director, Campus Recreation


Baylor University
Director, Campus Recreation


University of Colorado Boulder
Associate Director, Programs


Stanford University
Senior Associate Athletic Director

Hear from our Partners

Baylor University

Learn more about how The Fitness Court® supports campuses like Baylor University from Beth Williams, Baylor’s Lifetime Fitness Professor.

Customized for Your Campus

No two Fitness Courts® are alike! Work with NFC’s professional design team to bring your unique Fitness Court® to life.

Impact That Lasts

Every education-based partner in the Campaign receives exclusive support, programming, and services that go beyond the Fitness Court®. From group exercise programming to the academic curriculum, athletic training, challenges and intramural sports, the NFC initiative is designed to engage students, faculty and staff for decades.

Campus Challenges

Bodyweight challenges for all abilities can be performed on the Fitness Court®. Set up a league, an intramural program, or track performance and run functional fitness assessments on the world’s best outdoor gym.

Group X Classes

Integrate the outdoor Fitness Court® into your group exercise offerings, bringing training outdoors for your students. Personal training services, clinics and functional movement seminars are all supported on the platform.

Athletic Training

Push the Fitness Court® to the limit with high intensity strength based circuit training for athletes. From cardiovascular endurance to mobility and balance, the Fitness Court® is designed to increase performance at the highest levels.

Bring a Fitness Court® to Your Campus

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