Community Champions

Work with us to bring the Campaign to your local community!

Bring the Campaign to your Community

Bring a Fitness Court® to Life

Community Champions are celebrated as part of our growing Wellness Campaign. Learn how you can bring a Fitness Court® to your neighborhood!

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How it Works

Schedule a Call With Us to Start the Program

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We will review the community champions program and assist you in starting the process. This begins with confirming 5 additional Community Leaders who will help you share the campaign video and gather support.

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Gather Local Support

Start Now

Use to start a simple petition to bring the campaign to your city. Promote widely to friends and family, and encourage them to share across their social media platforms and networks. We will provide assets to support your petition. Gather a minimum of 50 signatures.

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Review Your Petition With Us

Schedule a Call

Once you reach 50 signatures, we will formally set aside conditional seed funding for your city or school, and provide a letter indicating your community is approved for participation.

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Collected 50 Signatures? Contact Us!

Become a Community Champion Leader who is passionate about healthy living. Work with our team of experts to grow the campaign in your area, engage with your civic leaders, and get a Fitness Court® built near you!

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Get Recognized for Your Work

As the leading Champion in your community, you'll be featured on the side panels of the Fitness Court®. Be celebrated for your hard work building and encouraging the wellness culture in your region!

Cultivate Your Own Wellness Community

Studies show that working out with others encourages people to improve their performance and exercise for longer. By bringing free fitness to your community, you'll automatically create a space for everyone to gather and encourage healthy lifestyles for years to come!

Help us Grow the Campaign

We’re excited to hear from you and work with you, as a Community Champion to build a Fitness Court® in a neighborhood or on a school campus near you. We’re celebrating our 500th Fitness Court® this year and our goal is a network of 5000 healthy communities in the next few years. Your work and support will help us on this mission.

Are you passionate about promoting fitness and well-being in your community? Join us in the mission to bring a free outdoor Fitness Court® to your neighborhood! Let's take the first step together by working with our team of experts and show your local leaders that you're committed to making your community healthier and happier.

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