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A Free Coach in Your Pocket

Anytime, Anywhere

Every Fitness Court® is now digitally connected to a robust library of workout challenges and health kit metrics on the free Fitness Court® App. The Fitness Court® App aims to build a healthy nation of active members, solo or in groups, staying fit anytime of the day and enjoying the world’s largest free outdoor gym network of digital Fitness Courts® teaching and coaching adults of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

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Best in Class Outdoor Fitness Content Library

Access the Content Library Now

Access workouts for all fitness levels and abilities from America’s best trainers with the Fitness Court® workout library now available on the free Fitness Court® App, YouTube and the NFC Movement Library. Enjoy exclusive new workout content with featured trainers, a featured challenge and leveled workouts by fitness ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

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Find Your Fitness Court®

Search for your local Fitness Court® with the new Fitness Court® interactive map. Find directions to all the Fitness Courts® across your community as we encourage Americans to run, walk and bike to every Fitness Court® they can and incorporate cardio and strength training into their fitness routines.

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Health Kit Connection on Apple and Android

Now you can track personal health stats directly on the Fitness Court® App. Statistics include: steps taken, average heart rate, time spent on the Fitness Court® and total calories burned. Users will not only be able to track  Fitness Court® workout data as an integral part of their fitness routine, but throughout the rest of their active day.

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Learn the Moves

Discover the Fitness Court®’s 7 Movements — Core, Squat, Push, Lunge, Pull, Agility and Bend — to challenge and strengthen your body. Beginner, intermediate and advanced training videos demonstrate how users of any age or ability can use the Fitness Court®.

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The free Fitness Court® App has been redesigned from the ground up, with a beautiful, intuitive interface, and streamlined user experience. The new app also has an updated technology engine, optimizing video playback for content, and supporting best adaptive experiences across all devices.