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model drawing of seven stations on the Fitness Court

The Fitness Court®

Efficient and Effective by Design

The Fitness Court® is a world-class outdoor circuit training center, integrated into a sleek 38’×38’ square that can accommodate up to 28 people at once. With 118 elements, thousands of exercises, and a digitally-supported community engagement platform, the Fitness Court® brings innovation to every project.

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Solutions for Every Project

The Fitness Court® has the flexibility to be integrated into any design scheme

Whether it’s an urban plaza, roof terrace, mixed-use development, park or school campus, the Fitness Court® adapts to anchor fitness and wellness in any environment.


The Fitness Court® helps adults learn to train so they can stay healthy and active for a lifetime.

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Bassett Park
San Jose, CA

Recreation, activation and retaining wall integration

Park Lab
Mission Bay, CA

Mixed-use design and urban plaza activation. Seamless integration into the urban environment

Connell Park
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Adaptive reuse and space activation under an overpass

Strategic Planning for Healthy Communities

We help redesign the built environment to support pedestrian movement and build healthy cities, towns and schools.

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