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Michigan Campaign

Funding Outdoor Fitness Courts® across the state

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In partnership with municipalities, schools, and sponsors, over $100 million in public-private investment has been raised to combat obesity and the burdens of sedentary lifestyles. The Campaign provides expertise in building funding, masterplanning, and community building. NFC's mission is to build healthy communities with the goal of bringing a Fitness Court® within a 10-minute bike ride of every American.

The Growing Fitness Court® Network in Michigan

Making World Class Fitness Free for Michiganders

The Priority Health and NFC Campaign in Michigan is delivering outdoor wellness infrastructure to help communities stay active across the state, in an effort to change health outcomes. Out of Michigan's 83 counties, there are open Fitness Courts® across 14.


  • Grand Traverse County
  • Marysville
  • Blair Township
  • Lansing
  • Redford Township
  • Madison Heights
  • Grand Rapids
  • Oronoko Township
  • Belle Isle, Detroit
  • River Rouge
  • Grand Blanc
  • Lincoln Park
  • Kalamazoo
  • Oakland University
  • and more!

State Affiliate Partners

In collaboration with NFC, Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Association of Counties have championed the available grant opportunities to their members across Michigan. Priority Health and NFC are grateful for their support as we build a healthier Michigan.

Campaign Successes

Highland Park, MI

Priority Health for Good on the Road ribbon cutting highlight in Highland Park, featuring local ambassadors, the Parks and Recreation Director, and local Priority Health Representatives.

Grand Rapids, MI

Maranda Where You Live interview featuring Priority Health President Praveen Thadani, the Mayor of Grand Rapids, and Ottawa Hills High School Athletes.

Learn About the Partnership

Priority Health and National Fitness Campaign are bringing free, accessible, world-class fitness to change wellness habits across the state.

Praveen Thadani

President, Priority Health

“This partnership with NFC couldn’t be more timely as we continue to look for innovative partnerships that help create more safe, equitable access to health and wellness for Michigan residents. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to live a healthy life and we are proud to be Michigan’s first statewide sponosr to show our commitment to improving the health of our communities. ”

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Mitch Menaged

Founder & Director, National Fitness Campaign

“National Fitness Campaign is proud to announce the extension of our partnership with Priority Health to 2025 to continue our journey to improve quality of life across Michigan. We look forward to bringing people outdoors to move, build health, and promote happiness.”

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Bring a Fitness Court® to Your Community

NFC is calling on Mayors, Civic and Education leaders, and Community Champions to join the urgent fight against sedentary lifestyles and preventable diseases. We can make a difference if we work together to increase outdoor movement and provide wellness activities that are equitable, accessible and free! Let’s build a free outdoor Fitness Court® within a 10-minute bike ride of every Michigander, together.

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