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7 Movements for everyday health

Efficient and Effective by Design

The Fitness Court® is designed to provide a full body workout in only seven minutes. Rotate through all seven zones on The Fitness Court® for a circuit training workout that will have you full of energy.

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Have fun and get the most out of your Fitness Court® workout with the official Fitness Court® app. Unlock access to the world’s largest outdoor gym network and expert training wherever you go.

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Every Fitness Court® is a Work of Art

Building an outdoor gallery of art

Each Fitness Court® is a unique work of art. We are working to build a world class gallery of public art across the country.

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Introducing, The Fitness Court® Studio

World’s first integrated outdoor gym experience with two programmable class rooms

Welcome to The Fitness Court® Studio, America's premier wellness hub designed to bring healthy living to the center of your community's outdoor life. Now you can bring the best talent in town to host yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, HITT, and more, as we turn up the power of the great outdoors for everyone!

The Fitness Court® Studio provides over 2,000 square feet of Healthy Infrastructure. It includes an edge-to-edge art mural as a studio classroom backdrop and is the most exciting new entry in the NFC wellness ecosystem.

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Functional Fitness Outdoors

Fresh Air, Sunshine, and Wellness

Today, more than ever, heading outside for exercise is the healthiest option. We are taking the gym outside across America. The Fitness Court® is designed for adults of all ages and abilities, fully accessible, and home to premiere outdoor fitness classes and training programs.

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Progressive and Variable Training

The Fitness Court® Accommodates Beginners and Experts at Every Station

There’s no wrong way to use the Fitness Court®. Each element can be used for hundreds of exercise variations, providing opportunities for those beginning their fitness journey to elite athletes, and for every user in between.

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Accessible for Adults of All Ages and Ability

Any adult can use The Fitness Court® to accomplish their fitness goals

Whether you’re just starting your wellness journey or using it to train to compete at elite levels, The Fitness Court® will work for you! Scan the wall for NFC resources, where you will find workouts, programs, and challenges you can use the make the most of your local Fitness Court®. Be sure to download The Fitness Court® App to learn more and to find hundreds of free Fitness Courts® now open across America.

Built to Last for Decades, in any Climate

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

Each Fitness Court® is made from best-in-class materials. It has been designed and engineered to withstand the elements in every environment. The Fitness Court® is made from best-in-class materials with a 38’x38’ footprint. With a comprehensive warranty and a trusted support team, we stand behind The Fitness Court® rain or shine.

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