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David Casavant maintains his active lifestyle with the Fitness Court®, incorporating smart workouts and outdoor fitness to build strength, range of motion, and cardiovascular capacity

At 58 years young, David Casavant is quite the active outdoorsman. His goal is to take care of his body so he can maintain an active lifestyle in his later years. David enjoys all things outdoors: hiking, cross country skiing, kayaking, biking, jogging, etc. In order to sustain these activities, ideally without injury, he knows he needs to maintain a certain level of fitness. And that’s where the Fitness Court® comes in, as David shared in a profile Q&A:

Q: What is it that drew you to the Fitness Court®?

A: I saw the Fitness Court® in Hampden for the first time when I went to play tennis at a nearby court. At that time, one of my boys and my wife were doing CrossFit and my other boy was into gym climbing and Spartan competitions. He taught me the five basic exercise movements - bend, pull, push, squat, carry. While I find both CrossFit and Spartan competitions to be a bit much, the layout of the Fitness Court® intrigued me. When I saw the workouts, it seemed to be very smart, taking those 5 basic exercise movements and incorporating cardio and agility components. That it's outdoors, free, fun, and smart makes it great. It just so happens that I have family in Lewiston, ME, Newton, MA, and Clarion, PA – all of which have Fitness Courts® for me to use. 

Q: How do you incorporate the Fitness Court® into your wellness routine?

A: When I'm at the Fitness Court®, I do three circuits and vary the movements which helps me build good habits in terms of form. By concentrating on form, I've found that I've improved my range of motion. I'm also more conscious of the muscles I'm engaging, particularly in the back and shoulders, so that's adding a level of strength that I think I had lost through years of bad habits such as sitting too much at a desk.

I complement my time at the Fitness Court® by jogging 2 or 3 times a week; pace between 9-10 minute miles; total mileage per week about 7 to 10. I also use a kettlebell to reinforce the 5 basic movements using weight. I sometimes use bands as well to round out my exercise routine. The Fitness Court® and these routines are allowing me to build strength, range of motion, cardiovascular capacity, and thus overall fitness (it's improved my jogging form as well) without having to commit to indoor gyms or expensive equipment. 

Overall, I think the Fitness Court® can provide a tremendous range of experiences that can meet the person wherever they are at and lead them to better strength, range of motion, and cardio capacity. It's available for free and it's outdoors which simply enhances the experience because it reminds us to be outdoors enjoying the air and our natural environment.

“The collaboration with all of the partners along with National Fitness Campaign makes me feel appreciative. In some ways, I feel as though I'm expressing my gratitude by using the Fitness Court®.”