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After working in a hospital setting for 12 years within chronic disease management, Courtney knew she wanted to focus more on a proactive approach through prevention.

A registered dietitian who grew up in a family that prioritized outdoor fitness, Courtney always knew she had a passion for promoting wellness in other people’s lives. Her mother Cindy was a big inspiration, holding professional positions as a personal fitness trainer and physical therapy assistant. While working on her master’s degree, Courtney focused one project on an outdoor fitness circuit mock-up. Revisiting her passion for preventing sedentary lifestyles, promoting wellness and outdoor fitness – Courtney reached out to the city of Elko to explore options of what accessible outdoor fitness could look like for local residents. Her timing was perfect – National Fitness Campaign entered the conversation and the Fitness Court launched in Elko on September 15, 2022.

Courtney didn’t waste any time inspiring others to get active. She started hosting classes in October – completing five classes to date – with attendees ranging from 20 years old to 69 years of age. The biggest inspiration for Courtney is seeing her mother Cindy participate in her classes. Cindy is currently going through chemotherapy treatments every two weeks, but that hasn’t stopped her commitment to maintain her personal wellness goals. “Once I finish up my treatment,” says Cindy, “I would very much like to start teaching classes at the Fitness Court and/or team up with my daughter to teach.”

As Courtney likes to say – life is short and in an instant, it can change. She advises all residents of Elko to never take your health for granted and stop by one of her classes at the Fitness Court for some movement and fun that can improve your health in just seven minutes.