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Eileen Dorsey

Beachwood City Park | Beachwood, OH

Dorsey studied fine art at Kent State University under Charles Basham, who left a lasting impression on her work, culminating in a joint exhibition at the Massillon Museum of Art. She won Cleveland Scene’s Best Artist in 2020 and 2018, and Cleveland Magazine’s Best Artist in 2021, 2020 and 2019. In celebration of her artistic endeavors the Mayor of Westlake honored the former Westlake resident by giving a proclamation, officially naming July 31st of 2021 “Eileen Dorsey Day.”

Capturing both local landscapes and fantasy scenes in vibrant hues, Eileen Dorsey paints meditative forests of light and color. Dorsey expresses the energy of the places she visits through impressionistic or expressionistic marks. Emphasizing our connection to nature as a healing and rejuvenating experience, Dorsey’s paintings transcend reality to achieve an emotional impact.

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Find Eileen on Instagram at @eileen_dorsey_studio or on Facebook at @eileendorseystudio

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Wendy Duong

Thornton Park | Santa Ana, CA

Wendy is a Vietnamese-American multidisciplinary artist who is native to Southern California and has been practicing art since childhood. Her work comprises of mainly figurative 2D imagery in both digital and traditional media.  Her studio, as of now, takes up a small corner of a room, but she is aiming to expand her creative space. Creating allows her to share her emotions, thoughts, and questions she has regarding the world around her. She wants her art to positively affect others even long after they have finished viewing her work.

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You can view more Wendy’s work at @WendyDuong_AronInstagram and TikTok

La Artista Marina Aguilera

Jerome Park | Santa Ana, CA

Marina Aguilera has over 40 years of creative experience as a working artist under her belt. Being of 3rd generation from a family deeply rooted in Santa Ana, Marina has always had a deep admiration and love for her hometown. The soul of her art, which has many genres, is always deeply rooted in her community, strength, and passion. She has held many art exhibits throughout the Southern California region and has been involved with many art installations within this city.

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Darren Villegas

Blair Park | San Bernardino, CA

Darren Villegas is an accomplished California muralist, and a native son of San Bernardino, with over twenty years of mural painting experience. His colorful and distinctly vibrant murals can be seen throughout the Inland Empire, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Darren is also an art educator and mural project coordinator, with long standing residencies within several arts programs throughout California, for which his works have received several civic awards and have been featured in numerous art publications. He currently resides in the Inland Empire, where he continues to initiate and elevate the developing public art movement.

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Find Darren on his Instagram at @darren.vs.drama

Allison McClay

Bard Park | Forest Grove, OR

Allison McClay is painter, muralist and illustrator from Portland. A native Oregonian, she finds inspiration from the unique beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Her giant murals commemorate beloved public figures and tell the stories of small town Oregon, and she creates rich, detailed illustrations that reward a closer look.

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Daisy Camacho

Kit Carson Park | Santa Ana, CA

Daisy Camacho, is a designer as well as a mixed media visual artist based in San Diego, CA. Her creative work ranges from digital to traditional art, more specifically working with graphic design, illustration, and printmaking. Passionate about visual communication, her work focuses on aesthetic forms and unconventional design which touch on topics such as environmental, social, and mental health issues. Ultimately creating to engage, encourage, and actively listen to a universal audience.

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Gene Jimenez

Cabrillo Park | Santa Ana, CA

Energetic and vividly colorful, his works are inspired by the simple and natural movement of the human form. Creating with energetic rhythm, using such a medium as recycled latex house paint, intangible things: wind and atmosphere, energy and music. His knowledge of ancient calligraphy and traditional animation in apparent in the fluid line-work and ephemeral nature of his images. Working intuitively and spontaneously, GENE allows the painting to form itself as he seeks to portray the “human spirit at play.”

GENE has a B.A. in Graphic and Fine Art, has an MFA in Media Design and is widely recognized in the graphic design, fine arts, street fashion, and comic book industries. he has shown in fine art galleries from California to New York, in both solo and select group shows. He at his personal studio/gallery located in Downtown Santa Ana’s Historic “Artist Village. GENE’s online portfolio is at

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Find GENE on Instagram at @artistgene

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Crisselle Mendiola

Lillie King Park | Santa Ana, CA

Crisselle Mendiola is a Santa Ana based freelance illustrator, muralist and character designer. She loves to draw her silly, grumpy, happy character driven pieces, usually nuanced with some form of nostalgia or comfort. Sometimes she paints them on big walls, sometimes on small digital screens. She has made public art for utility boxes and painted murals out in Santa Ana, Long Beach, Anaheim and Hawaii.

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Jouvon Michael Kingsby

Rosita Park | Santa Ana, CA

Jouvon is a self-taught artistic visionary currently residing in the artist's quadrants of downtown Santa Ana, CA. Jouvon is a Warrior turned Artist and is well-known for painting a mural in Saddam Hussein’s old bunker. After his tours in Iraq, Jouvon came back and plunged headfirst into the artist lifestyle. His incredible panache for abstract, surrealist, and realistic portrait paintings quickly made him a staple in the Santa Ana Artist’s Village and a highly-sought after artist. Jouvon has been contracted and commissioned to paint many major projects, including: a BASQUIAT mural at the Fullerton Museum in 2013 for their BASQUIAT retrospective, the 4th Street Market, and the Market Art lofts of 4th and Bush. Jouvon completed a rooftop mural with Michael Ziobrowski in Downtown Santa Ana, and has live-painted at UCLA’s Jazz Reggae festival in consecutive years. Additionally, he has been featured in many local publications Orange Coast Magazine, the Hornet, Voyage LA, and praised in OC WEEKLY.

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View Jouvon’s Online Store and Art Gallery at or more of his work on Instagram at @oc_neighborhoods

Damin Lujan

El Salvador Park | Santa Ana, CA

Damin Lujan aka zaoone was born in Los Angeles, CA. His artistic eye was shaped by the graffiti art, skateboarding and culture saturating the streets of Santa Monica and Venice. He has now lived in Santa Ana, CA. for 25 years and creates large scale murals and graffiti pieces for private residences, coffee shops, homeless shelters, businesses, parking structures and more. He believes that art can change the atmosphere of the space it is in and bring hope, peace and love to the people that come in contact with it.

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Find Damin on Instagram at @zaoone

Alicia Rojas

Heritage Park | Santa Ana, CA

Alicia Rojas participates in movements of immigrant rights, anti-gentrification, social economic equity and ecology. Her practice has a collaborative and storytelling process in which paintings, drawings, photographs, and murals are not the end result but rather part of her art making pedagogy. Her work contributes to the historical memory of the collective and facilitates placemaking within communities of color. She is also the Director and Co-founder of the Santa Ana Community Artist(a) Coalition.

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Find Alicia on Instagram at @alicitarojas

The Heavy Collective

Delhi Park | Santa Ana, CA

The Heavy Collective is a collaboration between Bud Herrera, "Thirds Realm" and Kimberly Duran, “Shmi”. The Heavy focuses on using Art as a tool to enrich the community and beautify both public, private and commercial spaces. We have become Santa Ana's most prolific artist due to our large body of work that we have created in the city. Through public art we beautify public spaces and bring artwork to daily commuters. Using art as a universal language to create and build a stronger community. Art should be everywhere, empowering the community one wall at a time.

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See More of Bud's Work

Find Kimberly on Instagram at @5hmi | Find Bud on Instagram at @thirds_realm

Ground Floor Murals

Rohr Park | Chula Vista, CA

Ground Floor Murals consists of artists Paul Jimenez and Signe Ditona. They started out in 2019 as romantic partners, and discovered a way to become professional artists in an impactful way as business partners, creating Ground Floor Murals. Paul and Signe paint large-scale murals across San Diego in an effort to provide proper representation around town for those who need more of it. Their work is heavily influenced by local wildlife and positive public figures; particularly people of color. Through their artwork, Paul and Signe aim to be a voice for those who feel unheard and to bring attention to those who feel unseen in society. It's their belief that public art is a powerful means of communication, and that fine art is an important right for all people of any background to have access to. They strive to instill pride in the communities that welcome them to paint in their neighborhoods. Their mission is to inspire the youth and honor their elders.

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Find Ground Floor Murals on Instagram at @GroundFloorMurals, on Facebook at @ Ground Floor Murals, on TikTok @GroundFloorMurals, or Twitter @ GroundFloorSD

Nichole Ferguson

Midland Greenway | Gainesville, GA

Nichole Rawlings Ferguson is an art historian and artist living in Gainesville, Georgia. Nichole spent 10 years working at Brenau University in the art galleries where she was involved in numerous public art projects, and she is thrilled to contribute to the art and wellness of her community. Nichole lives on a farm in North Hall with her family where she draws inspiration for her life and work.

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Andrea Munchmeyer

Marathon Community Park | Marathon, FL

As an artist and designer, Andrea loves the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the Florida Keys that she calls home. Picturesque landscapes, tropical birds and flora, animals, sea life, and people are an endless treasure trove of inspiration for her. Andrea strives to capture the energy and colors she sees every day here in her artwork and activewear designs.

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You can view more Andrea’s work on Instagram at @keylimegraphics and on Etsy at @KeyLimeGraphicsShop

Zane Kingcade

Library Park | Escondido, CA

Zane Kingcade is an Escondido based artist, most notably known for his hand painted signs and graffiti style lettering and characters. His clothing and art store “Streetlife” has become a staple in the community, having been a meeting place for artists to gather to exchange ideas and help each other out for over 20 years.

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Phillip “Phil Fresh” Simpson

Belle Isle | Detroit, MI

Phillip Simpson is a proclaimed painter and muralist, practicing for over 20 years. Working primarily with acrylic, spray paint and pencil, Simpson creates both private and public artwork with the relentless intention to make its viewers smile. Instinctively so, Simpson produces special 'smile-branded' paintings, murals and clothing. Simpson's works have been displayed in galleries, special exhibitions and public spaces across Detroit, Ann Arbor, Miami, and Atlanta area. Phillip Simpson currently resides in Detroit with his wife 2 daughters. He lives by motto One World, One Smile.

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You can view more Phillip’s work on his Instagram at @ArtByPhillipSimpson or @TheSmileBrand and on Facebook at @Phil Fresh Simpson

Anne Coleman

Rosendale Community and Recreation Center | Rosendale, NY

It has been Anne's privilege and pleasure to capture the beauty and community spirit of Rosendale. You can find herimages of events, people and landscapes on the following facebook pages: Rosendale Theater, Rosendale Street Festival, Anne Coleman, Anne Coleman Photography.

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John Fischer

Rosendale Community and Recreation Center | Rosendale, NY

John Fischer grew up in Tillson, NY and spent quite a bit of time in and around the Rosendale Rec Center. After rediscovering the area as an adult with camera in hand, it gives John a great sense of pride to have his photos represent Rosendale in this fashion on The Fitness Court®.

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Find John his Facebook at @JohnFischerPhotography

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