We Build Healthy Communities

The Campaign is dedicated to providing access to Healthy Infrastructure to fight the rise of physical inactivity and make world class fitness free.

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The Country’s Largest Public/Private Wellness Partnership

In partnership with the nation’s largest healthcare providers, we’re working with municipalities, cities, counties, and schools to build a free outdoor Fitness Court® network

2023 Campaign Impact Report

The 2023 Impact Report gives you a glimpse into the growing Fitness Court® network nationwide as the world's best outdoor gym has now reached 500 healthy communities. This interactive digital report showcases powerful health impact and stories from our fitness community.

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Remy Glock's Project with a Purpose in Reno

As a fourth generation Nevadan, Remy's stunning illustrations and designs portray a typographic expression of R-E-N-O, recreation elements and fitness core components.

October 23, 2023

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Bring a Fitness Court® to Your Community

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